Studio Account Setup

Follow this guide to get started on playPORTAL Studio

Create playPORTAL Studio Account

  • Navigate to playPORTAL Studio.

  • Click on Sign Up For FREE Account.

  • After creating your account, email us at [email protected] to introduce yourself and your project and we will consider you for early access.

Register your App with playPORTAL

  • After confirmation, log in to the playPORTAL Studio.

  • In the left navigation bar click on the Apps tab.

  • In the Apps panel, click on the "+ Add App" button.

  • Add an icon.

  • Enter a unique app name.

  • Enter a description for your app.

  • For "Environment" leave "Sandbox" selected.

  • Click "Add App".

Setup your permission scopes

  • Add permission scopes for each of the SDK features used in the app

Generate your Client ID and Client Secret

  • Tap "Client IDs & Secrets".

  • Tap "Generate Client ID".

  • The values generated will be used later.

  • CAUTION: Keep your Client ID & Secret private! Do not commit your credentials!

View our SDK Overview here.