Getting Started

This is the documentation for the Swift playPORTAL SDK. For an example app using this SDK, check out this repository.
Reference the Learn section for more how to information.

Installation - Guide

The Swift SDK is available as a cocoa-pod, you can add it to your project by simply adding this line into your pod file.
pod “PPSDK-Swift”, :git => ““, :tag => “0.2.8”
"0.2.8" seen in the pod file line above specifies the version or "tag" number of the Swift SDK cocoa-pod keep up to date with available versions here.

Existing pod-file

If you currently have a pod-file in your project take the line above and put it in the file. See the example below.
# Pods for projectName pod “PPSDK-Swift”, :git => ““, :tag => “0.2.8”
After you put the pod line in the file, go to your terminal and run the pod install command with your project CLOSED. After installation is complete open up your .xcworkspace file again and enjoy the playPORTAL Swift SDK!

Creating a pod-file

To install the playPORTAL Swift SDK cocoa pod , you need to create a pod-file in your project. If you do not have cocoapods installed on your computer follow this installation guide.
Run the following commands in your terminal, first you want to cd into your project folder.
cd Desktop
cd projectFile
Once you are in your project file we need to init a pod-file. Go back to your terminal and run pod init, running this command will generate a pod-file and .xcworkspace file. From now on any work you want to do should be done in the .xcworkspace file. Open up the generated .xcworkspace file, and open your pod-file and add the PPSDK-Swift line under # Pods for projectName see the example below.
# Pods for projectName pod “PPSDK-Swift”, :git => ““, :tag => “0.2.8”
once this is done, run the pod install command and start developing!