The SSO login validates a single user (player) against the playPORTAL. Players may log in with a valid playPORTAL set of credentials. If they've previously logged in, then they can continue to operate as a logged in user.

The PPconfigure method is used to initiate this process. In conjunction with your UserListener function, the app can either:

  • if user is currently un-authorized, log a user in via SSO, and then allow full use of the playPORTAL SDK

  • if user is currently authorized, silently log in (no user interaction) and then allow full use of the playPORTAL SDK

To support this process, first define a UserListener function that will be invoked on change of Auth status.

export const UserListener = (u, authUpdate) => {
console.log("UserListener invoked on user:", JSON.stringify(userprofile) +" auth status:"+ authUpdate);
authenticated = authUpdate;
if(authenticated == true) {
userprofile = u; // save user profile for display, etc
} else {
// display modal with login button or redirect to SSO login
ssoUrl = PPgetLoginRoute(); // URL for SSO login is here

Then, configure the SDK. The parameters are as described previously. This call does the configuration and starts the auth process. The UserListener will be invoked with auth status.

PPconfigure(cid, cse, redir, ["SANDBOX" | "PRODUCTION"]); // last parm, environment is optional. defaults to "SANDBOX"