Create an Apple Watch App in a single afternoon

AirTime App Code Released

Almost five years ago Apple launched the Apple Watch and now Apple dominates the smart-watch industry. Like the hand-me down trend that ignited the kid’s tablet market, Apple Watch is poised to be the next big trend for connected play.
To spur the industry to start developing Apple Watch apps for all ages, Dynepic has created and open-sourced a playPORTAL + Apple Watch app called AirTime. The AirTime app code provides companies an easy to understand example of how they can quickly create a kid-safe, social and competitive Apple Watch app for their brand.
What previously took months, if not years, you can now do in an afternoon with playPORTAL Studio. There are no servers to spin up and you can leverage the playPORTAL kid-safe, all ages network for user login and social interaction in the app. Of course, building with playPORTAL Studio also gives you instant COPPA compliance for your app too.
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